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Welcome to My Page!
Hi! My name is Bert Kavlda I am from Uplavice in Czech Republic.I've played so many games in my time but no one was so good as Street Fighter.Put simply, no other game gave me so much excitement and fun than this one!

Fighting, RPG and action games have the highest priority in games that have most influenced me ever since I was first introduced to mesmerizing and addicting world of arcade and console systems.
Capcom literary started a new genre with fighting games and created a game the swept arcades across the land and affected and influenced everyone that played it. I still to this day remember the first time I laid eyes on the game and the masses that where huddled around it, it was nothing short of a life changing addicting experience. Street Fighter is a game of 8 selectable fighters from around the world that battled it out to become champion of the tournament. Every fighter had a unique and special ability or move that gave everyone a particular strength to give them the edge in fighting that was never seen before.

My Favorite
As with MK, SF absorbed much of my attention as well as a numerous amount of quarters in the process and is an experience that really can never be created again. SF is at the top of my list because is a game that has influenced me like no other one has and without it many games wouldn’t exist today. Street Fighter was definitely the game that started it all with a variety of characters and interesting levels and provided intense strategy that was fully achieved only in an arcade setting.

Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2 (the original arcade game) - SF 2 had the best character ideas of it's time. Few fighters matched the gameplay, which gave you a unique assortment of moves to pull off on some well-animated backgrounds. It caused much more of a ruckus, being ported to a wide array of consoles in it's time. Oh yeah, and before you ask, I didn't even consider Ed Boon's Mortal Kombat series over SF. MK was a unique franchise, no doubt, but none of the releases stood out very much. Even Mortal Kombat 2 was a little stale after awhile. Capcom's Street Fighter simply had more appeal to it.

As an avid gamer in any sense of the word, I can honestly tell you that no game, regardless of whatever power you may think it have, has pleased me as this one!